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The City is committed to using and contributing to open source software. Software that we write is released under GPL. Whenever possible, development takes place in public project hosting, such as GitHub, Google Code, and SourceForge.

The City's first release was actually the software you are using right now. The content manager for this website is an open source project, hosted at Google Code: Civic CMS. Feel free to review its the source code and see how it works. Additional information about our website and its features can be found here.

One of the best places to explore our open source efforts is at our Github page.

If you have questions or comments about this or other products, email and your comments will be directed to the right staff member. You can also communicate with the project teams at the project sites.

Web Applications

Our applications work together. Each application can talk to the others via web services.


The content manager running the website you're browsing right now


uReport ("civic-crm") is a small scale, standalone, CRM web application with an Open311 (GeoReport v2) endpoint that should meet the needs of smaller municipalities wishing to deploy Open311 and/or a lightweight constituent management tool. Context-switched feeds (XML, JSON, etc) allow it to easily be integrated into existing environments.


An logging notification web service. Applications post logs to the Skidder and Skidder notifies subscribers accordingly. Great for error logs.



A PHP scaffolding and framework harvested from building the Civic CMS. This is our starting point for developing new applications.


Web application for cemetery information



GeoReporter GeoReporter is an Open311 constituent reporting tool. GeoReporter should work for any organizations with an Open311 GeoReport v2 compliant endpoint server.

GeoReporter connects to an organizations Open311 endpoint, reads its roster of constituent reports and makes them available to the constituent. Constituents can select the report they would like to submit, fill out the relevant information, take an optional photo and submit the report to be resolved. Constituents can also set up a profile to speed up contact information entry and review reports that have been submitted in the past.

Constituents can find the App in the Apple App Store. Individuals or organizations interested in contributing to the code base or forking it for a city-specific app can find the code on GitHub.


Open311 is meant to facilitate an international effort to build open interoperable systems that allow citizens to more directly interact with their cities.