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Pick It Up

Phone: (812) 349-3505
Fax: (812) 349-3582

"Pick it Up!" is a litter campaign where the City of Bloomington furnishes special blue trash bags (they are free!) to individuals, organizations, businesses to pick up litter in their neighborhoods.

It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!Pick It Up Logo

1. Register and pick up free bags at the HAND Office, City Hall, 401 N Morton, Room 130, between 8:00 am -5:00 pm. Monday through Friday.

2. Pick up litter on the streets of your neighborhood using your "Pick it UP" bags.

3. Leave the "Pick it UP" bag(s) out on your regular trash pick up day. Requires no sticker if registered.

For more information, contact Vickie Provine at or 349-3505.


Contact Name:__________________ Organization:___________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone: __________________ Email:_______________________________

North, South, East and West boundaries of area for litter patrol:


Number of bags received:_______

Date the bags will be placed at the curb side:______________________

Address the bags will be placed for pick up with regular trash pick up:


This program is not designed for household trash, no bulky items, no yard waste, all trash must be enclosed in the bags and be free from rips and tears

This is an On-going program throughout the year!