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Every other week on your regular trash day, recycling service is provided free of charge to recipients of city trash pickup. Please consult your magnet for your recycle date. If you do not have a magnet please call the Sanitation Department at 812.349.3443 and one will be mailed to you at your request.

Find your Recycling Pickup Day

Bloomington residents can find their trash and recycling day by using the myBloomington online location tool. You can also email to request a magnet. You can print an electronic version of your magnet after using the online location tool:

2017 Recycling Schedule: Monday, Week A (JPG 3.77 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Monday, Week B (JPG 3.77 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Tuesday, Week A (JPG 3.76 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Tuesday, Week B (JPG 3.77 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Wednesday, Week A (JPG 3.78 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Wednesday, Week B (JPG 3.78 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Thursday, Week A (JPG 3.83 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Thursday, Week B (JPG 3.83 MB)


There are two recyclable 2 categories:

1. Paper Products
(which must be dry) including junk mail, magazines, catalogs, office paper, shredded paper (please bag shredded paper), newpaper, cardboard and paper board. Boxes must be flattened and tied.

We do NOT take any type of paper products that have a waxy outer coating. Frozen dinner boxes, paper milk cartons, etc.

2. Metal Cans, Glass Containers and Plastic Bottles
including metal food and beverage cans, glass jars and bottles, ANY plastic designated by the numbers 1 - 7. The numbers are shown inside the recycling symbol, some examples are shown here.

Types of plastics that may now be recycled include, clean plastic grocery bags, newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags and milk bottle tops. Containers, bottles and cans must be rinsed out, and the lids removed. Labels do not need to be removed. Please check your plastics for their number to be sure they fall under the range.

One official City of Bloomington recycling bin will be issued to each residence. Other similarly-sized, privately purchased containers not exceeding 35 gallon in size may be used. Sort each category into a separate bin or paper sack and leave bin(s) on curb the evening before your scheduled pick up day.

Non-Recyclable Items:

The City of Bloomington does not endorse any single business or company. The above mentioned companies accepts these items that is why they are mentioned. If your company accepts the above mentioned items then please contact (812) 349-3443 to have your company added.

Recycle Bins

The City of Bloomington sanitation department gives one free recycle bin per city household. You can also use comparably sized bins to put your recycles into for curbside pickup. The additional containers can not exceed more than 35 gallon in size and 40 pounds when filled. You can use plastic grocery bags to put your glass, plastic and aluminum products into for curbside pickup. If you are without one of the city issued recycling bins please phone the department at 812.349.3443 or feel free to send an email requesting one to

Apartment buildings or complexes that have more than four units in them are exempt from the curbisde recycling program and are encouraged to contact their property manager about facilitating a recycling program into their trash removal.

You can also contact Monroe County Solid Waste at 812.349.2020 or visit their website at or their drop off locations located throughout Monroe County.

Ineligible Addresses

Residents who live in the county, who do not receive city services, have large amounts of recyclable items, miss their recycling day, or need to recycle other materials may visit the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District's Central Station, located at 3400 S. Walnut St. The station is open Tuesday through Saturday 7:30-5:30.

Monroe County Solid Waste also has transfer stations located through out Monroe County. Please contact Monroe County Solid Waste regarding the transfer station hours and what they do or do not accept at their main location and their transfer stations.

For additional information about the District, please visit or call 349-2020.