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2013 Bloomington Arts Commission Members

About the Bloomington Arts Commission

Established in 1980, the Bloomington Arts Commission provides a means for the City of Bloomington to stimulate and encourage community appreciation for and participation in the arts.

The City of Bloomington recognizes that the arts are an important part of the culture and economy of the community, and that the City has a responsibility to foster an environment conducive to the community's participation in the arts. The conservation and development of the city's artistic resources are essential to the social, educational, and economic growth of the city. Artists, works of art, and artistic institutions contribute to the quality of life and the general welfare of the citizens of Bloomington.

Statutory Authority: BMC 2.12.020


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
Gabe Colman Common Council 2018-01-31
Martina Celerin Common Council 2018-01-31
Alain Barker Common Council 2019-01-31
Sally Gaskill Common Council 2020-01-31
Lynn Schwartzberg Common Council 2020-01-31
Angelo Pizzo Mayor 2019-01-31
Peter Jacobi Mayor 2018-01-31
Emily Goodson Mayor 2020-01-31
Michael Wilkerson Mayor 2020-01-31
Francesca Sobrer Mayor 2018-01-31
Abby Perfetti Mayor 2019-01-31

Commission officers:

Sally Gaskill, Chair

Martina Celerin, Treasurer

Mike Wilkerson, Secretary

Activities of the Commission - The Bloomington Arts Commission awards grants, is responsible for the City's Public Art Master Plan and directly commissions public art through the City's Percentage for the Arts program.

For more on the...

2016 Bloomington Arts Commission Arts Project Grant Program

For background on the BAC including history, current programs and initiatives, click here (PDF 6.49 MB).

Learn more about the commissioners (PDF 480.42 KB)

Public Art Master Plan - The Arts Commission's Public Art Master Plan for the City of Bloomington (PDF 1.42 MB).

Creative Assistance Initiative Program - Learn more about the Creative Assistance Initiative

BAC Meeting Schedule - All meetings in McCloskey Conference Room at 5:00 p.m. unless noted.
Meeting Minutes and Agendas


Wednesday, January 13

Wednesday, February 9

Wednesday, March

Wednesday, April 13

Wednesday, May 11

Wednesday, June 8

Wednesday, July 13

Wednesday, August 10

Wednesday, September 14

Wednesday, October 12

Wednesday, November 9

Wednesday, December 14

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