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About the Housing Trust Fund Board of Directors

The Housing Trust Fund Board is a citizen's board that is charged with:

Statutory Authority: BMC 95-75 Established; Amended 97-12 and 00-21

First Tuesday of every other month, 3:30 P.M.., City Hall, McCloskey Room

Please check the city's government calendar for exact dates and times.


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
(Vacant) Common Council
(Vacant) Common Council
(Vacant) Common Council
(Vacant) Common Council
(Vacant) The Community Foundation
Jason Banach Mayor 2018-01-31
Tim Mayer Mayor 2018-01-31
(Vacant) Mayor 2017-01-31
(Vacant) Mayor
(Vacant) Mayor
(Vacant) Monroe County Commissioners

Apply to fill a vacancy

TERMS: 2 years (no more than 2 consecutive 2 year terms) Initially the terms will be staggered.


QUALIFICATIONS: City residents; city officials and employees eligible, but may not constitute a majority on Board; members should be tenants, owners, and persons with experience in building, managing and leasing housing.