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About the Plat Committee

The Plat Committee hears and makes final decisions on preliminary and final plat (subdivision) requests. This group can meet more frequently and at more convenient hours than the full Plan Commission, thereby improving service to citizens.

The Plat Committee is composed of three members that represent the Plan Commission, Planning and Transportation Department.

Statutory Authority: 20.01.410, IC 36-7-4-701


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
Richard Alexander (Carryover) Plan Commission 2017-01-02
Andrew Cibor (Carryover) Plan Commission 2017-01-02
Michael Carter Plan Commission 2018-01-02

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You can also find archived meeting minutes and packets from prior meetings by clicking here

Alternate Members:

Scott Robinson, AICP (Planning and Transportation Department)

Matt Smethurst (Planning and Transportation Department)

Chris Smith (Plan Commission)

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