The City of Bloomington Tree Commission was established by City Ordinance 92-48, section 12.24.230, adopted November 1992.

The Tree Commission recently completed the Bloomington Tree Care Manual for the care of public trees.

About the Tree Commission


BMC 2.12.150


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
Mia Williams Mayor 1/31/2017
Debra Beck Mayor 1/31/2017
Tom Coleman Common Council 1/31/2016
George Hegeman Common Council 1/31/2016
Laurel Cornell Board of Park Commissioners 1/31/2015
Kerry Bridges Board of Public Works 1/31/2017
Diane Jung Environmental Commission

Contact Info

Members of the Tree Commission may be contacted through Lee Huss, Bloomington's urban forester, by phone at (812) 349-3716 or via e-mail at


Seven members serving for three-year terms