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(812) 349-3448

Office Hours: 6:00am- 4:00pm (Monday - Thursday)

The Street Division is located at 1981 S. Henderson. Find this location

About the Street Department

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Street Patching

Report a Pothole using our online form

Street Paving

2017 City of Bloomington Paving Schedule (PDF 32.41 KB)

View 2017 Interactive Street Paving Map

Street Sweeping

The Street Department is responsible for keeping the streets swept and clean. However, many streets are within city boundaries but are not annexed. If this is the case, the street is private and we will not sweep it. We would be glad to answer any questions about specific areas.

No specific schedule is set for sweeping the city. We sweep by areas and not by blocks. If we should happen to miss your side of the street, the sweepers will be back. The Street Department will sweep every area twice to ensure that all sand and debris is picked up.

Stripes (lines) on the street and curbs

Please call us about your issue at (812) 349-3448.

Manhole Covers

Please call City of Bloomington Utilities Department at (812) 339-1444.

Dead Animals

Please call Animal Care & Control at (812) 349-3492.

Sidewalks and Curbs

Hazardous Sidewalks

It is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to maintain all public sidewalks in good repair. Report a Damaged Sidewalk

Fallen Trees or Limbs

Trees or limbs within an area the city is responsible for should be referred to the Street Department and we will refer it to the proper department.

Sidewalk Shoveling

It is the property owner's responsibility to shovel the sidewalks connected to the property. To report a property whose sidewalks are not being taken care of, call the HAND department at 349-3420.

Snow Removal

The Street Department is in charge of keeping the City of Bloomington's streets free of ice and snow during inclement weather. Whenever there is a danger of icy or snowy conditions on the roadways of the city, the Street Department will monitor conditions and respond accordingly. When snow or ice begins accumulating on the streets, plowing and/or salting operations will commence.


The City of Bloomington HAND Department is responsible for ensuring that privately owned property maintains their yards. Please call 349-3420 to report a yard not being taken care of.


The Utilities Department is responsible for all drainage issues. Call 349-3930 to report problems