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The Planning and Transportation Department provides environmentally oriented review of all the development proposals which are brought before City planning boards and commissions, as well as the City Council. It coordinates the review, research and evaluation efforts of the City's Environmental Commission (EC). It is also tasked with providing project management leadership on issues of environmental significance and lends support to the evaluation and implementation of the City's regulations and policies, as they pertain to the environment.

In the past, Planning and Transportation Department staff have written and administered grants for the evaluation of stream and watershed water quality; prepared brownfield site assessment grants on behalf of local land owners and public agencies; participated in updates to the City's Growth Policies Plan; drafted changes to the City's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) pertaining to the environment; and were responsible for enforcing the environmental sections of the UDO.

For more information on the environmental planning activities of the Planning and Transportation Department, please call at (812) 349-3423, or send an e-mail. For information on the Bloomington Environmental Commission (EC), please visit the EC website.