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Bloomington Planning Jurisdiction

Thumbnail Bloomington Planning Jurisdiction Map
City of Bloomington Planning Jurisdiction
View Map in Web Browser (GIF 61.45 KB)
View PDF File 8.5 x 11 in (PDF 289.54 KB)

Growth Policy Plan (GPP) Map

Thumbnail Bloomington Growth Policy Plan (GPP) Map
Bloomington Growth Policy Plan (GPP)
View PDF File 36 x 48 in (PDF 1.80 MB)

Transportation Planning Maps

2030 Long Range Transportation Plan Maps - View PDF File (PDF 1.66 MB)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation & Greenways System Plan Maps View PDF File (PDF 2.87 MB)

Bloomington Bicycle Map - See Bicycle and Pedestrian Map Gallery

Master Thoroughfare Plan Map - View PDF (PDF 2.99 MB)

Zoning Maps

Thumbnail Bloomington Zoning Map
Overall Zoning Map
View PDF File 36 x 48 in (PDF 4.61 MB)
Thumbnail Bloomington UDO Downtown Overlay District Map
Downtown Overlay Districts
View PDF File 24 x 36 in (PDF 1.05 MB)

Zoning Panel Maps

Thumbnail Zoning Panel  Map Set The Zoning Panel Maps are detailed 1 inch = 600 feet scale maps covering the City of Bloomington Planning Jurisdiction. Each map is 36 x 44 inches and is in PDF format only.

Key Map

View PDF (PDF 656.47 KB)

Sheet 1

View PDF (PDF 1.45 MB)

Sheet 2

View PDF (PDF 1.83 MB)

Sheet 3

View PDF (PDF 2.81 MB)

Sheet 4

View PDF (PDF 2.18 MB)

Sheet 7

View PDF (PDF 1.62 MB)

Sheet 6

View PDF (PDF 2.76 MB)

Sheet 5

View PDF (PDF 1.66 MB)

Commercial Zoning Maps

Thumbnail Bloomington Commecial Zoning Map
Commercial Zoning Districts
View Citywide PDF File 36 x 48 in (PDF 3.10 MB)
View North Area PDF File 24 x 36 in (PDF 1.24 MB)
View East Area PDF File 24 x 36 in (PDF 1.40 MB)
View South Area PDF File 24 x 36 in (PDF 1.45 MB)
View West Area PDF File 24 x 36 in (PDF 1.04 MB)

Thumbnail Bloomington Commecial Downtown Zoning District Map
Commercial Downtown Zoning District
View PDF File 12 x 18 in (PDF 111.04 KB)
View PDF File 24 x 36 in (PDF 1.96 MB)

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