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Arts & Culture

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Bloomington has a robust arts and cultural scene:

  • An officially designated cultural arts district (the Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District - BEAD)
  • Public art
  • A citizen-driven Arts Commission that supports arts and cultural production through funding and other partnerships

Check out the links below and the navigation bar to the left to learn more about the arts in Bloomington.

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The Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District

Check out the website of the Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District: for information on events and cultural attractions in the district.

Sign up for BEAD's weekly newsletter here.

Visit BEAD's Facebook page here.

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV

The Economic Impact of the Arts in Bloomington

According to the 2012 Americans for the Arts study, Arts and Economic Prosperity IV, Bloomington's nonprofit arts sector contributes $72.3 million to the local economy annually through direct spending by arts organizations and their audiences.

Read the report here: (PDF 2.16 MB).

Public Art Master Plan

City of Bloomington Public Art Master Plan

The City of Bloomington Arts Commission has released its Public Art Master Plan for the City of Bloomington.

Read the plan here: (PDF 1.42 MB).

Looking for information on grants and other funding?

Interested in internship opportunities? The City of Bloomington offers unpaid internships with the Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District. There are also numerous arts organizations in Bloomington that offer internship opportunities. Email for more information.

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