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Public Art and Exhibits

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The City of Bloomington takes an active role in supporting opportunities for its citizens to experience public art and other projects resulting from the creative expression of artists in public places of the City. Public art enriches individual and collective lives and promotes community awareness and understanding of the visual arts. In order to sustain Bloomington's economic and cultural vibrancy, the City supports public art and those who make it possible.

Public Art - Permanent Collection

Moving Parts (Roadie) 'Moving Parts' by Joe LaMantia in collaboration with Jake Glaslow of Bruce's Welding and Fabrication

The City of Bloomington has a permanent collection of public art on exhibit in City Hall and throughout the community. Follow the link to find out more information about artwork in the City's permanent collection and where to find it.

City Hall Atrium Art Gallery

Habitat 2010 13 Main wall for exhibit in Atrium with photographs from Monroe County Habitat for Humanity

The City Hall Atrium is home to numerous art exhibits throughout the year providing an opportunity for Bloomington and regional artists to exhibit their work.

Atrium Exhibit Schedule. Follow the link to find out more information about upcoming art exhibits and special events.