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The following ordinances that affect sections of the Bloomington Municipal Code have been passed by the Common Council since the most recent code update. These changes are not reflected in the online copy of the code above. The ordinances will be fully codified soon and web updates will be available at that time.

Ordinance 17-05 To Amend Title 8 of the Bloomington Municipal Code, Entitled "Historic Preservation and Protection" to Establish a Historic District - Re: 1033 S. Ballantine Road Historic District (Nathan Silverstein House) (PDF 23.02 MB)

Ordinance 17-06 To Amend Title 6 (Health and Sanitation) of the Bloomington Municipal Code - Re: Deleting Chapter 6.04 (Refuse and Yard Waste Collection by the City) and Replacing it with Chapter 6.04 (Solid Waste, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection by the City) (PDF 6.28 MB)

Ordinance 17-18 To Amend Title 6 of the Bloomington Municipal Code Entitled "Health and Sanitation" - Re: Changes to Chapter 6.12 (Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment) that Define an "Electronic Smoking Device" (ESD) and Add the Use of an ESD to the Definition of "Smoking" (PDF 3.95 MB)

Ordinance 17-19 To Amend Title 14 of the Bloomington Municipal Code (BMC) Entitled "Peace and Safety" (Deleting Section 14.36.130 through 150 (Stench Bombs) and Amending Section 14.36.160 (Fencing Around Swimming Pools and Other Water-Filled Excavations)) (PDF 1.70 MB)

Ordinance 17-22 To Amend Title 15 of the Bloomington Municipal Code Entitled "Vehicles and Traffic" - Re: Stop, Multi-Stop, and Yield Intersections, One-Way Streets, Increased or Decreased Speed Limits, Angle Parking Zones, No Parking Zones; Limited Parking Zones; Loading Zones; Parking Near Intersections, Parallel and Angle Parking Regulations, and Removal of Abandoned Vehicles (Including Maximum Towing and Storage Charges for such Vehicles) (PDF 847.17 KB)

If you have any questions regarding these ordinances or the code in general please email Nicole Bolden, City Clerk, at or call (812) 349-3408.