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The operations consist of the Service Center, the Monroe Water Treatment Plant, the Blucher Poole Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Dillman Road Wastewater Treatment Plant. The water utility serves all of Monroe County and parts of Brown County, about 120,000 people. The water utility maintains an average flow of around 13 million gallons per day through more than 400 miles of water distribution piping, six water booster pump stations, and eight water storage tanks. The sewer utility serves approximately 20,300 customers with an average daily flow of about 16 million gallons per day through more than 320 miles of pipe, and 39 lift stations.

Utilities Service Center

Monroe Water Treatment Plant

Blucher Poole Wastewater Treatment Plant

Dillman Wastewater Treatment Plant

Utilities Services

Water Quality Information

Map and directions to the Utilities Department (PDF 94.74 KB)