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Section 24-Growth Policies Plan (Rule 24) (PDF 292.16 KB)
Water Conservation Plan (PDF 6.52 MB)
Long Range Water System Capital Improvement Plan
Responses to Public Comments on Long Range Water Plan (PDF 639.13 KB)

Waterworks Capital Improvements Program Presentation (PDF 2.68 MB)


2008 Water Supply Evaluation Slide Presentation (PDF 500.18 KB)
2007 Water Supply Evaluation Report (PDF 1.40 MB)

2015 Water Quality Report (PDF 164.09 KB)

Water Quality Report Archive 1999 - 2016

History Report Slide Presentation (PDF 1.18 MB)
Dillman 2001 Plant Report Slide Presentation (PDF 1.08 MB)
IDEM Mercury Fact Sheet (PDF 80.57 KB)

Information in Utilities Planning and Reports