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Sanitation Services

The City of Bloomington provides curbside service collections of trash, recycle and yard waste to residences within the city limits.

You can locate your trash and recycle day by using the address locator tool. Please click on the link to locate your day. myBloomington online tool

You can also view the Sanitation Daily Route Map located in the Map Gallery.

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General Info

Pick Up Schedule

Trash, recycle and yard-waste pick-up are divided by areas and collected once a week. Consult your magnet or use the myBloomington tool to find your collection day. Recycling is picked up on a bi-weekly basis on your regular trash day. If you do not have a recycling magnet please phone the Sanitation Department at 812-349-3443 so one can be sent to you.

Below is an electronic copy of the magnet that the City of Bloomington mails out to residents you can print this 'magnet' copy out and use it just as you would the magnet that is mailed each year.

If you do not know which day your pick up is, please use the myBloomington online tool to find your correct pick-up day. Then you can print out a copy of the trash and recycling schedule here divided by area.

2017 Magnets

2017 Recycling Schedule: Monday, Week A (JPG 3.77 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Monday, Week B (JPG 3.77 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Tuesday, Week A (JPG 3.76 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Tuesday, Week B (JPG 3.77 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Wednesday, Week A (JPG 3.78 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Wednesday, Week B (JPG 3.78 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Thursday, Week A (JPG 3.83 MB)
2017 Recycling Schedule: Thursday, Week B (JPG 3.83 MB)

Non-Collectible Items:

Gasoline, antifreeze, oil filters, tires and any other automobile part; batteries, mercury, pesticides, flourescent bulbs, used motor oil, medications, cleaners, paint, ballasts and herbicides, electronics (televisions, computers, computer parts, etc), and construction debris are not eligible for curbside pick up.

The Districts Hazardous Materials Facility at the South Walnut St. Recycling Center located at 3400 S. Walnut St. will accept the following items free of charge, year-round: medications, cleaning supplies, batteries, automotive products, propane tanks Freon appliances ($20 fee), electronics, acids and bases, flammable liquids, some paints, and garden supplies. The District can be contacted at 349-2848 regarding hazardous materials that they will accept. The South Walnut St. recycling facility is open Tuesday-Saturday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. The Rural Recycling Centers accept household and automotive batteries, used motor oil, antifreeze, oil filters and electronics. The Rural Centers are open five days per week; Monday through Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7am-6pm.

Non-collection notice

In the event that City Sanitation crews do not collect your trash, yard waste or recycling, a non collection notice will be left explaining the problem. Please call the Sanitation Department at 812-349-3443 with any questions regarding the non-collection notice. It is our desire to educate the public about the Sanitation Program. You can also email for assistance.

Appliance Pick Up

Appliances are picked the last Thursday of each month; regardless of your trash day. Appliances do require a call ahead in order for them to be picked up curbside. Each appliance requires two of the $2.00 trash stickers. Please phone ahead on Wednesday by 1:00 P.M. to be added to the pick up list.

Large, bulky item pick up

Couches, tables, mattresses, boxsprings, chairs and other large items can be sat out on your regular trash day for removal and require two of the $2.00 trash stickers. There is no need to phone the department for removal of these items.

The "District" offers free year-round bulky item drop off disposal on a rotating basis at its four rural recycling centers. Please call 349-2020 or visit for the disposal calendar.

Electronics Recycling

For a $20.00 fee, the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District offers year-round electronics recycling (TV's, Computer Montiors, Laptops, Tablets) Tuesday through Saturday at the Hazardous Materials facility at the South Walnut Recycling Center located at 3400 S. Walnut St. and at all Rural Recycling Centers. The District also accepts any item that requires an electric cord or a battery to operate that do not have a screen free of charge. No electronics are placed in landfills and nothing is illegally exported to other nations. Electronics are transported and treated in accordance with RCRA guidelines. Please call 349-2848 for more information.

Yard Waste Information

It's always best to compost. Learn more about composting using this guide

Yard waste will be picked up on your regular recycling day during the months of April-December. Here are some tips that you might find useful:

Trash and Yard Waste Stickers

The City of Bloomington uses a pay as you throw program system, which requires the use of trash and yard waste stickers. This means you pay only for the removal of the trash and yard waste you generate which leaves you in greater control over how much you spend for waste disposal.

Trash stickers are $2.00 per sticker and Yard Waste stickers are $1.00 per stickers. You can purchase trash stickers at the stores listed below. The stores that are in bold also sell yard waste stickers.

If you would like to order the stickers by mail please email for an order form to be emailed to you.

If you reside outside city limits or are not eligible for city trash service, you may take your trash in orange bags to any of the District's four Rural Recycling Centers for free year-round disposal. Orange bags may be purchased at major grocery or hardware stores. Call 349-2020 for information about the Orange Bag Trash Program.