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Behavior Consulting

Bloomington Animal Care & Control can provide consultations on a wide variety of behavioral issues including, but not limited to: aggression in dogs and cats, litter box problems with cats, house training, crate training for dogs, introducing a new companion animal into your home, basic obedience techniques, and separation anxiety in dogs.

If you are in need of behavior consulting for your companion animal and are a Monroe County resident or have adopted the animal from The Bloomington Animal Shelter, please fill our our Pet Behavior Consulting Online Form. Once you have completed and submitted this form, our behavior consultant will review your form and contact you to discuss the issues that you are experiencing with your pet.

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If you need immediate counsel, you can reach Emily Herr at 812-349-3873. Her direct email is

Please see below for helpful hints for keeping your canine and feline friends healthy, techniques for providing a humane approach to training, and approaches to solving common behavior problems in dogs and cats.

Owner's Responsibilities

Here are some guidelines to help you care for your pets! Note: this is not a full list of an owner's responsibilities, but some general guidelines toward being a good pet owner in Bloomington neighborhoods!