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Guide to Understanding Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure in Bloomington

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Since 2010, the City of Bloomington has increased its mileage of bikeways, trails, and paths by 94%. We now enjoy a total network of more than 69 miles. It's important that all roadway users understand how to use each of these new and not-so-new facilities. Whether you are driving, biking, or walking, our new Guide to Understanding Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure will explain the ins and outs of nearly every type of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure you might encounter on our streets.


The City of Bloomington works to develop a connected network of safe and convenient facilities that enable people of all ages and mobilities to walk or bike to their destinations. The most recent data from the US Census (2011 ACS 1-YR estimates) ranks Bloomington #2 in the country for the percentage of people who walk or bike to work, among cities with greater than 65,000 people.

Choosing to walk or bike will ultimately reduce traffic congestion in the City and improve the health, fitness, and quality of life of Bloomington's residents. The Bloomington Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission actively works towards alternative transportation goals by doing the following activities: identifying and alleviating safety issues for bicyclists and pedestrians; educating bicyclists and pedestrians (and motorists too) on their rights and responsibilities; advocating the use and construction of trails, bike lanes, side-paths, sidewalks and other bicycle and pedestrian friendly facilities.

The City of Bloomington is proud to be recognized as a Silver "Bicycle Friendly Community" by the League of American Bicyclists. Less than 200 communities across the country have been given this honor for "longstanding commitments to providing safe accommodation and facilities for bicyclists, and for their efforts to encourage bicycle travel for transportation and recreation." Bloomington was the first League designated "Bicycle Friendly Community" in Indiana.

For information on Bloomington's landmark plan to become one of the most bicycle friendly communities in the country, check out the final report of the Bloomington Platinum Biking Task Force, Breaking Away: Journey to Platinum.

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