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Commission on the Status of Women Reports

The Bloomington Commission on the Status of Women continues to compile and analyze data for a report on the status of women in Bloomington and Monroe County. The status of women is being assessed along a number of socioeconomic and other variables, and direct comparisons with males in Bloomington and Monroe County will be presented when applicable. Commissioners are studying demographic data as well as economic and employment indicators such as income, poverty status, and public assistance participation rates. A survey of employers in Bloomington is being conducted to analyze workplace practices and to identify women-friendly work practices and employers. Findings will be posted on this Web site as they are finalized. These findings will also be available in other formats at a later date.

In addition to an over all Report on the Status of Women in Bloomington and Monroe County, five topical reports on the status of women in Bloomington and Monroe County will be released, including:

In September, 2006 Barb Sturbaum of Planned Parenthood addressed the Commission on the Status of Women with a report on the status of the Bloomington Planned Parenthood Clinic. Download a copy of her speech. (PDF 21.05 KB)

Commission on the Status of Women Brochure 2008 (PDF 857.09 KB)

Women in History Timeline (PDF 39.05 KB)

Additional Projects

In addition to co-sponsoring activities for Women's History Month and the Annual Bloomington Women of the Year Awards, the Commissions activities include:

Focus on the Issues Community Education Series: The Commission sponsors public presentations addressing issues of importance to women. Forums have included Focus on Women's Issues: Wage Equity, Forum on the Status of Non-Caucasian Women, Growing Your Own Business, as well as addressing domestic violence, child care, generational issues in women's safety, sexual harrassment in the workplace, and others.

Assessing the Status of Women in our Community: The Commission continues to work in collaboration with City of Bloomington Community and Family Resources Department staff, gathering, summarizing and releasing relevant data pertaining to the status of women in Bloomington and Monroe County for presentation to the community.

Community Action and Education: The Commission seeks to raise awareness in our community of issues of importance to women through media releases, co-sponsoring events, and representation on working groups. In 2001, the Commission worked with a Leadership Bloomington-Monroe County group to host Get On Board, an exposition on women in leadership positions. In 2006, the Commission collaborated with several local organizations to present another women's leadership forum; the event, Women on Board, featured a keynote speech, workshops and a panel discussion.

Institute for Women's Policy Research: The Institute conducts rigorous research and disseminates its findings to address the needs of women, promote public dialogue, and strengthen families, communities, and societies.