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This page includes maps related to sites with Historic Designations within the City of Bloomington and Historic Preservation in Bloomington. For more information on what it means to be historic and potential regulations applying to historic properties, visit the Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission website.

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Maps of Designated Historic Districts

Local Historic Districts
Conservation Districts
National Register Historic Districts
Other State Listed Historic Sites

Other Historic Preservation Maps

Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission Historic Survey Maps
Bloomington Historic Walking Tour Maps

Maps of Designated Historic Districts

Local Historic Districts

Local Historic Districts are regulated by the City of Bloomington. Properties within these districts may require a review by the Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission or their staff for exterior changes.

Some Local Districts may also be inlcuded on the National Register (NR) of Historic Places or Partially Overlap National Register Districts.


Map of Bloomington Local Historic Districts: Download (PDF 1.78 MB)

Multiple Resource Districts

Individually Designated Properties

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Conservation Districts

Conservation Districts are also locally designated historic districts that have less restrictive regulation than full Local Historic districts. See the Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission's page on Conservation Districts.

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National Register Historic Districts

Historic Sites and Districts that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some National Resister Districts are also Locally Designated Historic Districts or Partially Overlap Local Historic Districts. See the Local Historic District section above.

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Other State Listed Historic Sites

Historic Resources and Districts that are also listed in the State of Indiana Historic Register managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

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Map of All Historic Districts in Bloomington by Designation Type: Download 36x48 in (PDF 2.44 MB)

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Historic Preservation Maps

Bloomington Historic Survey Districts & Scattered Sites

The Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) Department and Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission conducts the City of Bloomington Historic Sites and Structures Inventory. Properties within the survey may be subject to Demolition Delay. See the Bloomington Historical Survey Results web page.

Thumbnail Historic Survey Districts and Areas

Maps of 2001 Historic Survey Districts & Scattered Sites:

Preview (GIF 91.72 KB)

Download 36 x 48 in Overview Map (PDF 793.88 KB)

Download 24 x 36 in Demolition Delay Detail Map (PDF 1.02 MB)

Individual Historic Survey District Maps

Historic Survey Districts appearing in the Bloomington Historic Survey Interim Report may have the same or similar names as local designation, state listed, or national register historic districts, but the survey district boundaries may not be the same as the historic district boundary.

Thumbnail Courthouse Square Historic Survey District

Andrews Park - View (GIF 29.33 KB) | View (PDF 643.38 KB)

Bryan Park - View (GIF 45.07 KB) | View (PDF 681.33 KB)

Cottage Grove - View (GIF 46.02 KB) | View (PDF 607.95 KB)

Courthouse Square - View (GIF 6.53 KB) | Download (PDF 724.75 KB)

East Second - View (GIF 46.93 KB) | View (PDF 1.23 MB)

Elm Heights East View (GIF 40.06 KB) | View (PDF 961.62 KB)

Elm Heights West - View (GIF 43.56 KB) | View (PDF 1.10 MB)

Greater Prospect Hill - View (GIF 43.07 KB) | View (PDF 1.09 MB)

Illinois Central - View (GIF 30.04 KB) | View (PDF 429.22 KB)

McDoel Gardens - View (GIF 12.27 KB) | View (PDF 567.73 KB)

Monon Railroad - View (GIF 32.54 KB) |View (PDF 682.72 KB)

North Indiana - View (GIF 27.15 KB) | View (PDF 379.57 KB)

North Washington Street - View (GIF 34.30 KB) | View (PDF 386.98 KB)

Old Library Historic - View (GIF 26.37 KB) | View (PDF 521.26 KB)

Old Showers - View (GIF 30.97 KB) | View (PDF 415.93 KB)

Prospect Hill - View (GIF 9.29 KB) | View (PDF 501.06 KB)

Restaurant Row - Viewe (GIF 23.90 KB) | View (PDF 493.26 KB)

South Dunn - View (GIF 27.92 KB) | View (PDF 537.19 KB)

Steele Dunning - View (GIF 29.13 KB) | View (PDF 373.85 KB)

University Bungalow - View (GIF 22.99 KB) | View (PDF 394.18 KB)

University Courts - View (GIF 33.25 KB) | View (PDF 416.16 KB)

Vinegar Hill Limestone - View (GIF 7.06 KB) | View (PDF 769.13 KB)

West Side - View (GIF 13.92 KB) | View (PDF 1014.27 KB)

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Historic Walking Tour Maps

Bloomington Historic Walking Tour Brochures contain historic area maps and may be downloaded from the City's Explore Historic Bloomington web site. Additonal brochures may be obtained from the Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) Department.

Walking Tour Brochures

Maps of Historic Walking Tours Areas

Bloomington African American Walking Tour Map - View (GIF 44.55 KB) | View (PDF 323.77 KB)

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