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Developing a coordinated response to urgent situations facing Bloomington residents is a major role of the Safe and Civil City Program. In order to enhance the City of Bloomington's effectiveness in dealing with concerns and requests, S&CCP continues to develop and maintain a network of community partners and resources that are able to respond quickly and appropriately. Maintaining an open line of communication with residents, businesses, faith based organizatons, academic institutions, and other City staff is a top priority of the Safe and Civil City Program.

City of Bloomington Graffiti Eradication Program

Talking to Kids

As the news media reports on tragedies happening around the nation, parents can use troubling news as an opportunity to talk and listen to their children. While it's normal for both adults and children to feel anxious and concerned following a public tragedy, there are ways to minimize stress. For example, parents can encourage a regular schedule, answer kids' questions honestly yet without unnecessary details, and focus on the positive. While it is important to acknowledge that tragedies do happen, it is important to reassure children that many people are working to keep them safe, including their parents, teachers, and the local police. For more information, please visit the following websites for tips on talking to kids about the news and public tragedies:

Rafi Hasan,
Safe and Civil City Director
Community and Family Resources Department
401 N Morton Street, Ste 260
Bloomington IN 47404
Ph: 812-349-3559 Fax: 812-349-3483