2014 Jack Hopkins Social Services Funding now available.

Funding Opportunity 200x100 PLEASE READ FOR INSTRUCTIONS: 2014 JHSSF Introduction Letter from Chair Mayer (PDF 479.47 KB)

Below you will find the application. The Committee prefers applications to be completed in PDF format, but if you experience difficulty in using the PDF version, you are welcome to use the Word version of the application instead.


* Applications submitted via e-mail (council@bloomington.in.gov) are strongly encouraged.

A complete application includes:

Please note:


Since the inception of the Jack Hopkins Social Services funding program in 1993, the Bloomington Common Council and Mayor have provided over $3.14 million in one-time funding to social services agencies for projects that have made a difference in the lives of City residents in need.

The Committee is composed of five members of the Common Council and two members representing City entities.

To be eligible for funding, a project must meet the following criteria:

  1. The program should address a previously-identified priority for social services funds (as indicated in the Service Community Assessment of Needs (SCAN), the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department's Consolidated Plan, or other community-wide survey of social service needs). Such priorities include funds for basic services (food, shelter or healthcare) or other services to City residents who are: low-moderate income, under 18 years old, elderly, affected with a disability or are otherwise disadvantaged; and
  2. The funds should provide a one-time investment that, through matching funds or other fiscal leveraging, make a significant contribution to the program; and
  3. This investment in the program should lead to broad and long-lasting benefits to the community.

Elaboration of Criteria -- 2014 Update (PDF 27.12 KB)

Bloomington's Living Wage Ordinance:

History of Funding:

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