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About the Jack Hopkins Social Services Funding Committee

Since the inception of the Jack Hopkins Social Services funding program in 1993, the Bloomington Common Council and Mayor have provided over $3.66 million in one-time funding to social services agencies for projects that have made a difference in the lives of City residents in need.


Next Steps

2017 Committee Members

Tim Mayer, Chair
Allison Chopra
Dorothy Granger
Susan Sandberg
Isabel Piedmont-Smith
Sue Sgambelluri
John West

To be eligible for funding, a project must meet the following criteria:

  1. The program should address a previously-identified priority for social services funds (as indicated in the Service Community Assessment of Needs (SCAN), the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department's Consolidated Plan, or other community-wide survey of social service needs). Such priorities include funds for basic services (food, shelter or healthcare) or other services to City residents who are: low-moderate income, under 18 years old, elderly, affected with a disability or are otherwise disadvantaged; and
  2. The funds should provide a one-time investment that, through matching funds or other fiscal leveraging, make a significant contribution to the program; and
  3. This investment in the program should lead to broad and long-lasting benefits to the community.

Elaboration of Criteria (PDF 27.12 KB)

View an Example of a Model Application

Bloomington's Living Wage Ordinance:

History of Funding:

Application Summaries and Original Submissions, 2005-2017:

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