The City of Bloomington seeks to assist in the retention and expansion of business enterprises to enhance the economic base of the city and enhance the quality of life for its citizens. Various incentive programs are available, including those below. Contact the Department of Economic & Sustainable Development to help determine the eligibility of your business for these or other incentive programs.

2013 Sustainability Partnership Grant (SuPar) Program. The SuPar Program encouraged collaborations toward bold projects for increasing Bloomington's sustainability, particularly those projects that engage populations that have little previous involvement in local sustainability efforts. Priority project areas included green building and energy efficiency, multi-modal transportation, waste reduction and recycling, and local food and urban gardening, but all areas of sustainability were considered.Both not-for-profits and for-profit businesses in Bloomington were eligible.

Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District (BEAD) Incentives: The 2013 BEAD Forgivable Loan Program The BEAD Forgivable Loan program was designed to create an incentive to new development in selected areas of BEAD, a geographically identified and state designated cultural district in the heart of Bloomington's downtown. The BEAD Forgivable Loan program will offer direct loans from BEAD through the City of Bloomington's Department of Economic and Sustainable Development which can be forgiven with no principal or interest due if the project remains in operation for at least five years. The BEAD loans will require leverage of at least 2 to 1, meaning for every dollar of BEAD forgivable loan there must be two dollars of financing/equity investment. The amount of the forgivable loan will not exceed $10,000, depending on the targeted area. Learn More.

B-Line Business Enhancement Fund (Applications are currently closed). The B-Line Business Enhancement Fund has been established by the Department of Economic and Sustainable Development in conjunction with the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association (BUEA). This grant is available to for-profit and nonprofit businesses adjacent to the B-Line Trail to offer an opportunity for further business development. Requests are limited to $4,000.00.

Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone Incentives The mission of the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association (BUEA) is to provide the means to improve the economic, physical and social environment for Zone residents and businesses. The following incentives are available to eligible businesses or residents located within the boundaries of the Enterprise Zone:

Individuals or businesses investing in Zone Businesses may be eligible to receive the following:

In addition, employees who live and work in the Zone may be eligible for the following: Employee Tax Deduction

Learn More about the BUEA

Sustainable Development Incentives The City of Bloomington recognizes sustainability as a key component of nurturing Bloomington's long-term environmental, economic and social integrity. Property developers who engage in sustainable development practices (substantial energy efficiency measures, commitment to affordable housing, the facilitation of the use of alternative transportation, and contributions of the project to natural landscape, e.g.,) may obtain development standard bonuses to enhance the value of their development project. Such developers may enjoy reductions in setback requirements and increases in residential density allowed for a project. In addition, certain filing and permit fees may be waived. Learn More

Tax Abatement The City of Bloomington recognizes tax abatement as a potentially useful economic development tool. Applications for tax abatement are considered on their merits on a case-by-case basis.Learn More

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