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Teaching Fitness Classes in City Parks

Instructors of fitness classes or personal trainers who charge clients a fee for their activities must obtain a special use permit to hold fitness classes in city parks. For information on applying for a permit, contact Alison Miller, Health and Wellness Coordinator, at (812) 349-3771 or

Wellness Coaching

Team up with a health and wellness coach to make 2016 your healthiest year yet! A health and wellness coach is a mentor who helps you set and reach your wellness goals. Think of health and wellness coaching as a workout for your brain, in the same way that personal training is exercise for your body. For more information, contact Alison Miller at 812-349-3771 or For ages 18 yrs. and up.

Health and wellness coaching can help you:

  • define your personal image of wellness
  • set long- and short-term goals
  • be accountable to your health and wellness coach
  • support your healthy lifestyle
  • provide tools you can use to help you live your best life

$20 for one, 30-minute session · 41001-A
$55 for three, 30-minute sessions · 41001-B
$90 for five, 30-minute sessions · 41001-C