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The Bloomington Environmental Quality Indicators (BEQI) website is a project of the Bloomington Environmental Commission.

The goal of this site is to inform the public about trends in environmental quality indicators in and around Bloomington. We hope that citizens, teachers, students, parents, businesspeople, and policymakers will find the information presented here to be useful in promoting awareness of important environmental issues and guiding positive actions to improve Bloomington's environmental quality.

Navigating the BEQI Website:

The site is organized into six categories:




Air Quality

Water Quality

Green Infrastructure

Each category has one or more indicators that relate to the quality of our Bloomington environment, as well as background information on why these indicators are important from an environmental standpoint. Past updates to the BEQI report can be downloaded from the BEQI archive page.

Griffy Dam Figure 1: Water entering Bloomington's Griffy Creek from the Griffy Lake Dam.

Environmental, social and economic issues intertwine in our daily lives and at every scale of society in countless ways. The BEQI report provides both information about the Bloomington environment and ideas about how you can reduce your own impact on the environment, often while simultaneously achieving social and economic benefits. Various tips and additional resources can be found throughout the BEQI website in both sidebar links and the main text.

We hope you enjoy all this site has to offer as you learn about our Bloomington environment. Please check back periodically as we will be updating the site throughout the year, and feel free to contact us with suggestions or comments.

For even more environmental information on Bloomington, also visit the City's Sustainability Topics page.

Information in Bloomington Environmental Quality Indicators (BEQI)