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Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan

Meeting Schedule

Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan meets the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm at St. Mark's United Methodist Church, (Room 8), 100 N. State Rd. 46 Bypass, Bloomington. It's up the hill from the Highway 45/46 Bypass. Easy parking.
Visit the Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan on the web for more information and to learn about upcoming community heatlh advocacy events.

The next meeting is Wednesday, February 10. The topic at this month's meeting will be single payer health care.

Children's Mental Health Awareness

Kate Middleton is speaking up for children's mental health! Watch this video to learn why supporting children's mental health is just as important as supporting their physical health.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Common Colds

It's the time of year when everyone seems to be catching a cold. Follow these tips from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to protect your family from catching a cold this winter.

New Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The USDA recently released a new set of dietary guidelines for Americans. Here is a list of the Top 10 Things You Should Know about the new guidelines. Following a healthy diet can significantly reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, type II diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

National Public Health Week

Learn more about how you can get involved all year round by visiting the American Public Health Association website.

National Public Health Week 2016 will be April 4th-10th. The Community and Family Resources Department will be hosting a Health and Wellness event Saturday, April 9th, 2016. More information to come.

If you have any questions please contact Nancy woolery at (812)349-3851 or