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Christy Langley website photo Welcome to the Planning and Transportation Department. As Bloomington continues to evolve and change as a community, the City of Bloomington Planning and Transportation Department has a very important mission: To ensure that the elements that make Bloomington special are maintained and enhanced as new development and redevelopment occurs. In order to ensure that our community retains its unique qualities, it is important to proactively plan for the impacts of this future development.

Accomplishing this task requires the Planning and Transportation Department's corps of professional staff to develop long-term plans which address important community issues such as the provision of adequate transportation infrastructure, the development of sidewalk, pathway, and trail networks, and the protection and enhancement of Bloomington's neighborhoods.

In addition to developing these long-term plans, the Planning and Transportation Department must review both permits for construction, as well as development projects requiring public hearing approval. As part of this review, the Planning and Transportation Department strives to ensure that environmental features are protected, buildings exhibit high quality architecture, and pleasing streetscapes are created.

Most of all, our department works hard to review development projects and create long-term plans in order to protect and enhance Bloomington's great quality of life.

Christy Langley, AICP, Planning and Transportation Department Director
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