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Bid/Quote Opportunities

Contractor Bid/Quote Listing: 2.10.14 Contractor Listing - Affirmative Action Plan (PDF 20.61 KB)

This is a listing of eligible contractors "bidders list" who have shown interest in bid/quote opportunities with the City of Bloomington, and have had an Affirmative Action Plan on file with the City of Bloomington. Please check this list to confirm that at the time of bid/quote your Affirmative Action Plan is current and not expired.

Information for new vendors

If you are interested in recieving email notifications of bid/quote opportunities, you may subscribe to recieve these notifications by sending an email to the following address;

If you are receiving this email, and do not wish to receive notifications on projects associated with the City of Bloomington Department of Public Works, you may remove your name from the notification listing by sending an email to the following address;

When sending the email, it is not necessary to include a subject line, or any other information; just simply an email from you to the bloomingbid email address above.

Affirmative Action Plan Requirements - Projects exceeding $10,000.00

It is the responsibility of the Contractor to ensure that they have met the necessary requirements of the City of Bloomington's Affirmative Action Plan. Barbara McKinney, Human Right's Attorney/Director, can be reached at either 812.349.3429 or via e-mail at