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The Public Safety Training Center is ideal for Law Enforcement training with an Indoor Range, Classroom and Fire Tower.

These facilities allow for seamless transitions of training environments and can meet all the training needs of an agency.

Training Center Course Catalog

Shooting Range Training

The Indoor Range

Built by Action Target in 2008, this 25-yard indoor range is state of the art, offering:

  • limited rifle capacity for SWAT
  • patrol carbine
  • handgun, shotgun and SMG training

The high power filtration system allows for the use of standard ammunition as opposed to "green" or frangible ammunition.

Twelve targets can be turned 180 degrees allowing for timed drills, shoot/don't shoot decision making and multiple target displays. A lateral-running target allows for engaging a moving target and travels the width of the armored backstop.

The indoor firing range allows for nighttime and year-round training. It also has programming that allows for multi-functional use of targets that can be controlled remotely or from the control room.

The range also features a charging target that can run the length of the range, testing a shooters' reaction time and movement skills. With three speeds and the ability to engage additional targets, the range can challenge even the most seasoned shooters.

Large bay doors allow for the incorporation of vehicles into training scenarios.

PSTC Classroom

The Classroom

Attached to the range, the classroom is a standalone training center with the latest in computing and A/V technology. Two drop-down screens, LCD projection, DVD, CD-Rom, Powerpoint and Keynote capability are all at the instructor's fingertips. Capable of hosting groups as small as 10 and as large as 80, this facility also boasts a full kitchen, soft drink vending and coffee maker.

Fire Training Tower

The Firetower

Built by American Fire Training Systems in 2007, this four-story burn facility is available for use by Law Enforcement professionals as a world-class Simunition Tactical Engagement Center.

Features include multiple entry points, exterior stairwell, vertical rescue shaft, forcible entry doors, rappel anchors and changeable floor plans.

The tower can be darkened during the day for low light training at all hours. With multiple rooms, interior and exterior stairs, and movable walls, the tower is excellent for setting up challenging tactical engagements.

Whether classroom only or lecture with tactical evolutions, we can accommodate your groups' needs. Contact Sgt. Mick Williams at today for schedule and fee structure.

What People Are Saying

"Instructors were Top Notch" - Class attendant

"This was in the top three training courses I have taken in Indiana." - Class attendant

"This is the only facility complex of its kind in the region. These types of amenities not only will strengthen our public safety, but they also will help make our community a destination for law enforcement training" - Mayor Mark Kruzan, Bloomington Mayor