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Graffiti Management

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The City of Bloomington is committed to the efficient removal and reduction of graffiti on our businesses and public spaces. In conjunction with local government, the police department and you, we can curb vandalism and effectively keep Bloomington a beautiful city.

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What Is Graffiti?

Graffiti is vandalism, typically done with aerosol spray paint, but also with paint markers, grease crayons, and window etching fluid.

Graffiti has a number of different forms. For any kind of graffiti, the faster it is removed, the less likely it is that it will return.

  1. "Hip-Hop" Graffiti: Graffiti tied to hip hop culture is the most common, and includes tags, throw-ups, and pieces. This type of graffiti is considered art by graffiti writers.
    1. A tag is the graffiti artist's moniker, simply scrawled over any surface. To the tagger, the more tags he/she has up, the better because it means more exposure. Tags are the most common form of graffiti, but are also the smallest and simplest.
    2. A throw-up is the graffiti artist's tag, only more complicated. Throw-ups take about ten minutes to complete and are usually a large bubble-letter outline of his or her moniker, sometimes filled in very roughly.
    3. A piece is the largest, most complicated work a tagger/writer does, and can take up to an hour to complete. They are often multi-colored and to the untrained eye, almost impossible to read. They might contain references to the graffiti "crew", which often is abbreviated with a series of numbers (i.e. an area code: 812 Crew, e.g.) or letters. Graffiti crews are not violent gangs. If you are unsure if what you are seeing is gang graffiti or tagger graffiti, please call (812) 355-7777.
  2. Ideological Graffiti/Hate Graffiti is graffiti that purports to have a message. The message is often political, but at times is discriminatory towards race, gender, or sexual orientation. This graffiti is scrawled on walls with markers or spray paint. Racist epithets, threats to groups or people, and political slogans are all included in the category. ***If you feel that you have been the victim of a hate crime, please contact the Bloomington Human Rights Commission at 812-349-3429 and do not hesitate to call the police; graffiti that is racist, misogynistic, or discriminatory to sexual orientation is a hate crime.
  3. Gang Graffiti is any tag with the name of a gang. Gang graffiti makes up about 10% of graffiti nationally.
  4. Generic Graffiti contains messages such as "Debbie wuz here 2005" or "Dave loves Georgia."

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