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Walking in Bloomington

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Help Make Bloomington more walkable and bikeable
Bicycle and Pedestrian facilities and resources in the City Bloomington

Leave a comment or suggestion about Alternative Transportation issues:

We're always interested in hearing new ideas and insights about how to make Bloomington more walkable or bikeable. Let us know what you think by giving us a call at (812) 349-3423 or by sending us an e-mail.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities and Resources in the City of Bloomington

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission - an advisory board that typically meets twice a month to discuss bicycle and pedestrian safety issues

Bloomington Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation and Greenways System Plan (PDF 25.09 MB) - a document guiding the development of the future bicycle and pedestrian transportation system

Bloomington Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation and Greenways System Plan Maps (PDF 11.24 MB) - the accompanying maps to the BPTGSP

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department - identifies park facilities in the City and the bicycle and pedestrian opportunities available at them:

City of Bloomington on-line interactive map - provides a map of the City which will identify parks, and bike lanes and routes among other data

Sidewalk Committee
meets each fall to decide upon projects to be completed with sidewalk allocation funding

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