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Public Safety Training Center Trainer


Sergeant Jayme Washel or 812.332.9763. Read his Bio


Sergeant Mick Williams, Training Coordinator or 812.349.3329. Read his Bio.

Sergeant Steve Kellams or 812.349.3370. Read his Bio


Lieutenant Scott Oldham or 812.349.3854 ext 1276. Read his Bio.

The PSTC has instructors who are current public safety veterans of the Bloomington Police and Fire departments.

Police officers are certified instructors in a variety of specialties, including firearms (handguns, patrol carbines, shotguns and less lethal impact munitions), field officer training, standardized field sobriety testing, OC and pepperball, physical tactics, emergency vehicle operations, martial arts, active shooter, WMD awareness, domestic violence, crowd control and diversity training.

Their experience comes from being long term members of the department's tactical team, serving on dignitary protection teams, and teaching at local, state and national levels in their respective fields.

Trainers also frequently serve on boards and are founding members of the Indiana SWAT Officers Association and the National Association of Fieldtraining Officers. They also frequently contribute to national law enforcement publications.

The PSTC is located at 3230 S. Walnut St. Bloomington, IN

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