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Irma Cassels Irma Cassels Read more

Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity Read more

Logo de MEC 004.jpg Jane Walter Read more

Jason Keller Jason Keller Read more

Lillian Casillas Lillian Casillas Read more

Prisma Lopez-Marin Prisma Lopez-Marin Read more

liz lopez1.JPG Liz Lopez

Liz Lopez is a bilingual case manager at The Rise!, Read more

Choonhyun's photo3.jpg Mr. Choonhyun Jeon

Mr. Choonhyun Jeon, Coordinator of the ELL (English Language Learning) program, Read more

Professor Herman Aguinis Herman Aguinis

The Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs of the City of Bloomington welcomes Professor Herman Aguinis to Bloomington. Read more