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Energy and sustainability are tightly interconnected: the sources, quantity and cost of power we use have implications for the environment, the vitality of the local economy, and for society as a whole.

Energy impacts more than our ability to keep the lights on and heat and cool our buildings. We use energy to pump and treat our water, produce and deliver food, and get from place to place.

In general we want our community to develop more diverse, reliable, and cleaner sources of energy; to reduce energy usage; and to improve efficiency. Toward this end, the City of Bloomington has adopted four near-term energy targets, to be achieved by 2014. We also evaluate our general progress over time with four broad indicators.

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Targets help the community move toward longer-term goals by identifying interim steps. The following targets are to be accomplished between 2011- 2014.


Indicators measure general trends and track the community's efforts to become more sustainable overall.