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Greening your Home I

You've heard it before--everyone can help to make the community more sustainable.

And it's true: in Bloomington, residences account for 48% of natural gas consumption and 35% of electricity consumption. Most of the cars on our city streets belong to individuals. That means that what households do can have a tremendous impact on the community.

If every household in the community cut their electrical consumption by 10% each year, we would collectively save $5 million and reduce our emissions of CO2 by nearly 48,000 tons.

So how do you make your home green? Under each topic below, we've put together a step-by-step approach to greening your home, with basic, intermediate, and advanced steps. Have a suggestion you'd like to add, or is there a specific topic we're missing? Email


Energy Conservation


Waste reduction and recycling

Cleaning and home maintenance

Water Conservation

Landscaping and Gardening


Finding a New (or Used) Home

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