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People of all skill levels can enjoy cycling more when they learn how to operate a bike safely and effectively. Topics to covered in our courses include strategies for how bicyclists can be predictable, courteous, assertive, visible, and alert. The curriculum used for these educational sessions is developed by the League of American Bicyclists and is taught by a local League Cycling Instructor.

Smart City Cycling Classes

Learn to ride your bicycle safely and effectively on city streets and trails! This course is perfect for all adult cyclists who wish to fully understand their rights and responsibilities as cyclists, and to ride more safely and confidently in all conditions.

Topics covered include intersection approaches, lane positioning, different bike facilities and how to navigate them, hazard avoidance maneuvers, and basic bike maintenance.

The course includes two components - an outdoor classroom session and an on-road instruction session - for a total of 4 hours.

Spring 2016 Dates

Course Details


  • $25 deposit - The cost is completely refunded back to you provided you complete the course. Once you've completed your registration, please come to the Planning and Transportation office at 401 N. Morton St. Suit #130 to put down your deposit.


Questions can be directed to Anna Dragovich (812)349-3530.

Bike Traffic Markings

Bike Lane Learn more about traffic markings used in Bloomington.

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