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Quiet Nights

The Quiet Nights Program is a program that provides funding to the Police Department to enforce the City of Bloomington noise ordinance. The ordinance sets specific standards for daytime and night time noise.

Lower the Booooom!

The Lower the Boom! Educational Campaign was created to provide community members with information concerning the health and safety risks involved with the utilization of boom speakers. Along with revisions in the City of Bloomington Noise Control Ordinance enhanced fines for repeat offenders and stepped up enforcement by law enforcement, the campaign will seek to significantly reduce the usage of boom speakers in and around Bloomington.

Disturbances caused by boom speakers are monitored through the City of Bloomington Safe and Civil City Hotline. When appropriate law enforcement officials will increase patrols in the affected areas.

Noise Ordinance

Learn more about City Noise Ordinance violations, penalties and appeals.