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Bloomington's Living Wage Ordinance, effective January 1, 2006, requires covered employers to pay covered employees a living wage. In 2016, it is $12.32 an hour and in 2017 it will be $12.44 an hour. Read these frequently asked questions about the Living Wage Ordinance or look below for specific information geared toward Bloomington Employees and Employers.

Living Wage Information For Employees


LWO Employees contact Barbara McKinney, Assistant City Attorney, 349-3429

Living Wage Information for Employers

Living Wage Enforcement

The Bloomington Human Rights Commission staff enforces laws that require contractors working on City projects to pay covered employees common wages or living wages (depending upon the project). If you believe you are a covered employee who is not receiving the legally-required wages, contact the BHRC at 812-349-3429 or


LWO Employers contact Alex Crowley, Economic and Sustainable Development Development Director,

*Please note that some information about the living wage is time-sensitive and valid only through the 2017 calendar year. The wage is adjusted annually for inflation.