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Sustainable City

Be Green Bloomington 2009

The City of Bloomington strives to lead its peers in creating a thriving, sustainable community, evidenced by a skilled, educated, healthy, and financially stable population; a healthy, diverse, vibrant economy; a healthy environment; and well-maintained, efficient, and reliable infrastructure.

Sustainability and livability are our guiding principles, and are the foundations of quality, long-lasting economic and community development.

To learn more about the City's Commission on Sustainability, visit their webpage.

City Sustainability Highlights

Learn more about the City of Bloomington's achievements in energy efficiency, transportation, and other sustainability topics.

Events and Updates

The 2015 update to the 2010 Energy Use & Emissions Inventory for Government Operations has been released. The City of Bloomington has reduced emissions since 2010 by four percent. Read the full report here (PDF 1.56 MB).

Check out our Civil Streets Initiative! Find out more about the rules of the road and the ways we can all contribute to civility on our streets.

Sustainable City Website Overview

Greening City Government:

Learn about the City's accomplishments and ongoing efforts to make its own operations more sustainable

Greening your Home:

Get tips on how to reduce your footprint, step-by-step. Cleaning and maintenance strategies have just been added!

Sustainability Topics:

Want to learn more about a specific sustainability topic like energy, water, or green building, or how to green your own home or business? Start here.

City Commissions:

Learn more about the departments and commissions that make decisions related to sustainability.

Publications and Outreach:

Look here for information on publications from the City and links to other community resources.

Get Involved:

Want to volunteer, attend upcoming events, start making changes at home or work, or just get more information? Look for opportunities on this page.

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