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Be a Snowbuster! Shovel the snow from your sidewalk!

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Please remember to keep your sidewalks, including walks and ramps leading to crosswalks, clear for pedestrian safety during the winter months.

Whose Responsibility is it?

Under the Bloomington Municipal Code, property owners must remove snow and ice from their sidewalks within 24 hours following the accumulation of snow or ice. Not complying with this ordinance could result in significant injuries to pedestrians, and potential fines for property owners. Citations may be warnings or fines up to $150. Click on TITLE 6 HEALTH AND SANITATION and then on 6.07 Snow and Ice Removal in the link below to read the Municipal Code governing sidewalk snow removal:

Title VI Snow & Ice Removal

And rental property owners should be sure that their tenants know who is responsible for snow removal.

Please take care to:

When you're unavailable or unable

Please remember to plan ahead. Those leaving Bloomington for the holidays should make arrangements to ensure the walks are kept clear. Even out of town, it's still your responsibility!

Those residents with health concerns should talk to neighbors, neighborhood associations or churches about receiving assistance.

For more information on the sidewalk ordinance, please contact HAND at 349-3420. Find out more about the City's snow removal processes