Water Conservation Tips

25 easy and practical ways to reduce your water usage.

Water Conservation Tips (PDF 12.69 KB)

Learn More About Voluntary Water Use Guidelines:

Because of the continued potential for spikes in demand due to drought or other causes, Utilities asks for your continued assistance in conserving water by following these voluntary conservation measures.

  1. Minimize Outdoor Watering with City of Bloomington Utilities Water
    1. Residents and businesses are encouraged voluntarily to limit watering of established lawns and trees to once a week.
    2. New sod and seed should only be watered as necessary.
    3. Although not required, it is recommended that all watering occur before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m.

  1. Minimize Hosing / Washing
    1. Hosing paved areas, such as sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, patios, or other impervious surfaces, except to alleviate an immediate health or safety hazard is discouraged.
    2. Hosing buildings or other structures for purposes other than fire protection or surface preparation prior to painting is discouraged.

  1. Minimize Runoff / Waste / Leaks:
    1. Avoid the use of water in such a manner that allows runoff or other waste.
    2. Repair all controllable leaks, including but not limited to a leaking valve, leaking or broken pipes, or a leaking faucet.

  1. Other outdoor water uses:
    1. When washing vehicles, use a bucket and sponge, or a commercial car wash or service station.
    2. Vehicle washing is permitted if required by applicable local, state, of federal law for public health or public safety reasons.
    3. Avoid the use of an automatic fill valve on swimming pools since this can hide the presence of leaks.
    4. Avoid the use of water for dust control, except as required to protect public health and safety.

For a downloadable version of this information, see our Voluntary Water Conservation Measures (PDF 8.06 KB).

Want to take additional steps to conserve water in your home?

The City of Bloomington asks for your cooperation and assistance in reducing our demand for water, by voluntarily conserving water in your home or place of business. Basic conservation measures include the following.

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For more information on household water use, visit here.

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