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City Services

  • Pay A Utility Bill or Parking Ticket
  • Animal Care & Control: Learn more about pet adoption via the Bloomington Animal Shelter.
  • Common Mistaken Services: City doesn't handle everything. Find out what services are handled by other government agencies.
  • Trash & Recycling
  • Parenting & Childcare Resources

Guides To Bloomington

  • Volunteering: Find out how to get involved and make a difference in our community.
  • Home Owners Guide
  • Renting in Bloomington Guide

Search your address and discover your common council member, find out your trash pickup day & more.

See a problem? Report it directly to the city using uReport!

Civil Streets

We all have a right to use Bloomington's streets, and that means we all have responsibilities, too. Remember that our own neighbors, friends and family are the people we see out on the road, whether they're biking, walking, driving, taking the bus, or getting around some other way. Try to be courteous and understand that all of us need to get where we're going. Try walking, biking, or taking the bus yourself, just to get a different perspective.

The City of Bloomington's Civil Streets initiative is intended to:

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