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About the Housing Quality Appeals Board

The Board shall hear the appeal of any person aggrieved by the decision of the Director of Housing & Neighborhood Development or designee, or any administrative officer charged with the administration of the Residential Rental Unit and Lodging Establishment Inspection Program of Bloomington, Indiana.

Statutory Authority: BMC 2.19

Every third Wednesday of the month.

Please check the city's government calendar for exact dates and times.


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
Susie Hamilton Common Council 2019-01-31
Nicholas Carder Common Council 2018-01-31
(Vacant) Common Council 2019-01-31
Nikki Gastineau Mayor 2018-01-31
Beth Gallman Mayor 2019-01-31
Andrew Guenther Mayor 2018-01-31
Maria McCormick Mayor 2019-01-31

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2017 BHQA Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date (Wednesday)
Application Deadline (Thursday @ Noon)
January 18
December 22, 2016
February 15
January 19
March 15
February 16
April 19
March 16
May 17
April 20
June 21
May 18
July 19
June 22
August 16 July 20
September 20 August 17
October 18
September 21
November 15
October 19
December 20 November 16
January 17, 2018
December 21, 2017

There is one vacancy on the Commission. The position is for a student representative appointed by the Common Council.