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The grounds of Rose Hill and White Oak Cemeteries are the final resting places for our families and loved ones. As we dedicate memorials at the graves, we recognize that is is only a symbol of our enduring love for the ones we have lost. So that our actions will help us keep these grounds sacred to their memories, these rules and regulations have been set forth ensuring these grounds will reflect our respect for the departed.

Guidelines for Cemetery Plot Owners 

Cemetery Lots and Services Prices

The burial records for both cemeteries are found online at

Monuments and Markers

There shall be permitted only one monument per grave space, with the following exceptions:

  • The installation of a foot marker, in addition to a regular headstone, shall be permitted if the foot marker is at ground level to allow mowing over it.
  • Veterans' plaques may be used as foot markers on spaces with stones already marking the head of the grave but must be installed at ground level.
  • All monuments and markers installed must have a two-part foundation consisting of poured concrete footer at a 36" depth to prevent settling of the monument or marker, and a concrete or limestone pad set level with the ground and extending beyond the base of the monument or marker at least 3" on all sides to permit safe mowing adjacent to the monument.
  • Upright monuments must stay within the boundaries of the lot. Cremation sections allow marker memorials only with the exception of Section H in Rose Hill.
  • The installation of pens, walls or benches on any lot is not permitted.

Landscaping of Cemetery lots

  • The planting of trees, shrubs and ground covers is prohibited. Perennial plants or bulbs are permitted within the grave site boundaries only on the sides of headstones.
  • Annual plants may be planted within grave site boundaries and will be permitted to remain only so long as they are maintained by the lot owner in such a manner as to not become unsightly or interfere with regular maintenance performed by cemetery staff.
  • The maintenance of all plantings on a cemetery lot are the responsibility of the lot owner and the maintenance practices must include:
    • Keeping the plant materials in a healthful, neat and attractive condition (being both disease and insect-free).
    • Keeping the plant materials pruned so as to prevent their covering any monument or marker, or encroaching onto adjacent lots.
  • The failure of lot owners to maintain plantings as described will result in the cemetery staff taking corrective steps as deemed necessary.
  • The cemetery staff is not responsible for damages to plantings due to the necessary performance of their work duties.
  • The cemetery grounds are well-maintained by our professional staff throughout the year. Perpetual care includes mowing, weeding, tree trimming, removal of snow and debris, landscaping of common gardens, and maintenance and disposal of burial decorations.

Grave Decorations

  • Artificial and fresh cut flowers, wreaths, and grave blankets are permitted at all times in the cemetery if they are firmly attached to monuments or markers (e.g. in chalices or grave saddles.) Cemetery staff may dispose of decorations that have been blown away or damaged.
  • Artificial and fresh decorations placed on Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Father's Day may be removed four weeks after the holiday.
  • Miscellaneous grave decorations such as flags and flag holders will be permitted to remain on graves only so long as they don't become unsightly or present an obstacle to grounds maintenance.
  • Cemetery staff and the City of Bloomington are not responsible for grave decorations which are stolen, vandalized or damaged.