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Utilities Yardwork

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The company that came out to install new fiber hit my water line yesterday during the day. When I came home from work I noticed all the trucks from City of Bloomington working on it. I talk to them and they said they will need to shut off my water for a few hours while it got fixed, and then to run my tub for about 5 minutes and it should all be fine. I left until this morning and went to run my tub and get my water back to normal. I have water coming out of my taps, but there is no pressure and I have no information about what happened or if it has been fixed. Please get back to me ASAP as I can not bath or wash anything in my house. I would also very much like to know the company that is in charge of digging for this new fiber as they have left a mess all over my neighborhood. Thank you very much, Nick

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Utilities Yardwork

47408, Bloomington, Indiana

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New water meters are being put in along Old State Road 37. There is a safety issue with the mess left behind. Workers have left large trash piles and large mounds of dirt behind where pedestrians walk. The gravel is settling and leaving dips in the grade.