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Water Utility Problems

3409 S Mcdougal CT

Case Date:

The last time my water meter was read, the lid didn't latch when the reader returned it. Now that spring is here, I'm a bit worried it could be a tripping hazard if a kid stepped on it. 3409 S McDougal Ct Bloomington, IN 47403 Work order sent out 4/1/19 to secure meter lid

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Water Utility Problems

2421 N Skyline DR

Case Date:

The cover for the water line running to my house (purchased last August 2018) is broken in half. Could you replace it?

closed #167568

Water Quality

1011 N Meadow Ln, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

Water pressure is very low

closed #167013

Water Utility Problems

2707 S Pinehurst DR

Case Date:

My water pressure is low.

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Water Utility Problems

501 N Morton ST

Case Date:

Our whole house seems to have suddenly lost water pressure, almost completely.

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Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

my address 515 1/2 W Howe st. Bloomington 47403. I have recently noticed decreased water pressure at least half or more at all hours of the day. I have no leaks in my home and am unsure which meter is mine but it does not appear to be spinning. I am unsure of who to contact the city or my landlord. It appears to be a leak before the meter as far as I can tell. Email is best contact thanks, - Nick Westover.