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Drainage or Runoff

2737 E Brigs BND

Case Date:

The swale to the west side of our home overfilled as storm water was backed up at the street drains which then flooded the window well to our basement on June 18-19. Although our yard is regularly flooded during heavy storms, the west swale was designed and dug by the City to carry excess water to the street. We believe this swale needs to be dug deeper and lined with rock to stop erosion from occurring to prevent future flooding of our basement. Please send an engineer to evaluate. This problem has been reported several times.

open #180377

Water Quality

3131 S Cuffers DR

Case Date:

Not enough water flow to even flush toilets

open #179203

Biking & Walking

3193-3261 John Hinkle Pl, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

Constant water obstacle blocking PollyGrimshaw multi-path. there is a water sewer grate nearby to channel water away.

open #180038

Drainage or Runoff

3515 E Park LN

Case Date:

I have a problem on my property with drainage. The drainage of my property runs off naturally into my neighbor's yard. His address is 3514 Morningside Drive. When a storm comes, his back yard pools and remains there for a few days until it is absorbed into the ground. I discussed with one of the neighbors how this might be resolved and volunteered to help pay for pipes that would carry the water that pools in their yard to the ditch along Morningside Drive. The neighbor didn't think that would work. Now they have dug out a deeper hole in their yard and are installing a "Sponge Garden." My understanding is that this will retain water and will not allow my yard to drain. This area has backed up into my basement in the past and flooded it. It seems to me that this will occur more easily with the installment of the "Sponge Garden." I appeal to the city of Bloomington to send engineers to come and see if there is some way that water can be drained into the ditch along Morningside Drive.

open #179150

Water Quality

3520 W Festive DR

Case Date:

Low water pressure and the water is cloudy.

open #175980

Water Utility Problems

3625 S Sowder SQ

Case Date:

My water pressure is very low. It has been for a few months, but it's much worse now.

open #179051

Drainage or Runoff

400 W 13th St, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

Case Date:

At the dead-end of 13th Street where it does not connect with Madison Street, there appears to be no drainage route for water to leave. During rain, it ponds, blocking the sidewalk and the road. The pond remains well after the rain stops. Can some provision for drainage be provided?

open #178602

Water Utility Problems

425 E Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

This building has a water leak in the main supply in the pit in front of the building. It is has been reported by fire inspection company while looking into repair of their line. It is believed to be before the meter and on the city side.

open #180409

Water Quality

437 W Joy ST

Case Date:

Our water is discolored / rusty. This is coming from the cold water taps and isn't due to a rusty water heater. (Our water heater was replaced just a few months ago.)

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Drainage or Runoff

47404, Bloomington, Indiana

Case Date:

Storm drainage (and even some lighter rainstorms) has repeatedly been eroding and flooding our backyard and street. The recent storms have heightened our concern at the impact runoff water and debris is having on our home/yard, our neighbors yard, and the street below us. The elevation of our yard and street is lower than that of the woods behind us and the street above us (Georgetown Road). All of the water from these locations has eroded channels and pools in their yards, guiding the water into our yard. The water pools in our backyard, increasingly threatening our house. In addition to the large volume of water this forces on our yard and street, we are bombarded by leaves, large sticks, and other misc. debris. This debris clogs the sewer drains at the other end of our street and clutters the street. The amount of water runoff continues to increase on a daily rate and has started to erode dirt in both our and our neighbors front lawns, leading us to believe that increased drainage at the street above or our street are required. If not, alternate solutions and suggestions are requested. If city help is not possible, than approval for commercial drainage/directing of the water through our yard and into the street is requested for approval. Additional videos and photos can be provided.