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Sidewalk Requests

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I live at 1009 S. Lincoln St., and running in a perpendicular line to the street from our water access, at the house edge of the sidewalk, there's a big hole. It seems to go below the sidewalk a little. I'm not sure if I should just fill it in, or if it is indicative of a larger problem that should be addressed. I'd love a little guidance from the experts! Thanks!

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Drainage or Runoff

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There is a drainage issue outside our neighbor’s home that is running in front of our home as well. The standing water has been there for about a year, is disgusting and has an odor that smells like fish. I am concerned about our children getting sick from getting this contaminated water on their hands and body. This is located on the cul-de-sac of S Bay Hill Court in Fieldstone Subdivision - specifically in front of 431 S Bay Hill Court. I am requesting someone come take a look, identify the leak, and please fix the issue. Thank you, Brittney Raderstorf

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Drainage or Runoff

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I am having an issue with my front ditch flooding every time it rains. This picture was taken today (June 2nd, 2021) during the light rain we experienced throughout the day. When we receive heavy down pours or rain for multiple days the runoff storm water puts my mailbox post underwater. Which, over time, rots the post (I have recently had it replaced). When the front yard does flood the water travels across the road in a 30-40 foot wide swath, several inches deep. When dry, the culverts (under my driveway and the one going under the road) can be observed as 95-100% silted in and obstructed. I have noticed over the past couple of years where the city has had the utilities marked and the culvert marked going under the road. Other culverts in the Park RIdge neighborhood have been replaced or repaired except for the one in front of my residence. I would appreciate an update on when this issue will be addressed.

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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

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There is a water or sewer cap with a big hole in the middle, can't tell exactly which service as the hole is too big

open #177887

Drainage or Runoff

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Water runoff (consistent, day to day problem), from nearby/ adjoining (possibly restaurant/fine dining businesses) is a visual/ sanitary problem to pedestrians.

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Water Utility Problems

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I called to have my water turned off today, Sunday, because water from my toilet was flooding my house. When I called I was told it would be $170 to turn iff my water. I agreed because the water was flooding my floors. When someone came out it took about a half hour or more for the nice guy to find the meter. I told him it was in my neighbor's driveway. The guy checked with water company then said cars or trucks were covering the meter with no access. I am requesting the service charge be voided as I live on social security. I am also requesting that you move my water meter to my backyard instead of my neighbors driveway. At no charge to me because it was a mistake to combine my meter with my neighbors.

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Water Utility Problems

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Water is out to our home

open #178654

Water Utility Billing Problems

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My water is off

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Water Utility Problems

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No water pressure

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Debris Removal

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weeks of standing water. Zero Maintenance for five years. ALL of Drainage gully including 112 s morningside