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Water Utility Billing Problems

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I have attempted to pay my water bill online two separate times now and the system will not approve my purchase. I have tried completing the payment on two separate occasions (10/08/18 and 10/15/18) and I have tried with different credit cards. I still haven't been able to complete the payment. My account number is 30500-028

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Water Utility Billing Problems

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I got my utility bill for this month that states that I did not pay the utility amount for the previous month. I have a credit card statement saying that I did. I called a couple weeks ago and they said if I emailed in proof of the statement, then the amount would be fixed. I emailed it in and it still has not been fixed. I would really like this resolved before my water bill is due on the 25th of this month. Thank you!

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Water Utility Problems

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My water is off and the 2 bills make no sense. I’m disabled and need my service restored

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Water Utility Billing Problems

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My water is off