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closed #143295

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

800 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

There is a downspout on this structure that washes water across the sidewalk.

closed #142667

Temporary Signage w/o permit

101 W Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

Water 123 is a new business at this location. They have a sandwich board sign up without a permit.

closed #136925


511 E Hickory Stick CT

Case Date:

Water is hazardous! Apparently a young boy drown in one of the ponds in Wylie Farm subdivision, i was told it was this one. I fell in this one myself, there is an extremely slippery plastic sheet that covers the entire bottom of the pond, up to the edge of the water. If the water is high you don't see it, if its low it's exposed on the edges. When it was low i went to the edge to take a picture of the water. I fell in by slipping the instant my foot hit the plastic sheet, all the way up to my shoulders and i fell down 3 more times trying to stand up. I ended up having to get on my hands and knees to crawl out in order to get enough friction on the plastic to move and pull myself up by grabbing handfuls of the grass growing on the shore! A small kid would almost certainly drown there. A very insufficient "fence" made of 3 almost invisible plastic wires had been put around one of the ponds. A much, much better fence needs to be put around all of them, or eventually another kid will drown.

closed #135931

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

Case Date:

The property owner just south of me added a driveway ramp in September 2013 that completely prevents water runoff on the east side of N. Park Ridge Rd. (My property is #300). Water stands for weeks without draining. It is a traffic hazard - especially now when it completely freezes over. (I spoke with members of the street dept. who were out trying to clear the area during the last storm on Jan. 5/6. They told me they would report it to the dept.). It will be an even more severe health hazard in the spring/summer during mosquito breeding season. I understand the need for the ramp. However, could you persuade this resident to at least partially remove some of the ramp to allow water to effectively drain once again - please? I made a report on this issue in September 2013. According to this program the case was/is closed. However no action was taken and the situation persists.

closed #134332

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

300 E Park Ridge Road

Case Date:

Neighbor has a new asphalt "ramp"to driveway blocking water runoff. I definitely understand the need for the ramp. However,could there be a way to open up a small channel through it? This photo of the standing water was taken on Sunday - 48 hours after the last rain. There was already a tendency for debris and muck to accumulate there before this. Thanks for any help.

closed #39342

Potholes, Other Street Repair

3845 E Tamarron DR

Case Date:

Ms. Brinegar stated that near the above address there is a low place in the north side of the roadway. Ms. Brinegar stated that it is simking more and more and the water collects there for long periods of time. She would like someone to take a look at this area and if you need moore inforamtion or to provide her with an update please give her a call.